Natural Gas Installation
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Do you want to install a natural gas line for your home or business? If yes, you are at the right place. Grilling BBQ outdoors in the summer is a very exciting activity; however, that is only possible if your backyard is already plumbed for natural gas. Installing a gas line from the garage through the backyard to a BBQ can be a tedious, if not dangerous task for those who attempt to DIY. How can you determine which pipe to use – one that can sustain a lightning strike and minimize potential gas leaks? While you are crunching the numbers on the possible cost of oil to gas conversion and savings, there are still so many things to consider.

If you are looking for a gas fitter in Burlington and other GTA location, then look no further than the Maple Mechanical. We offer reliable and the most efficient gas line install and oil to gas conversion services at affordable prices.

Natural Gas Line Installation

While your natural gas line is being installed, your safety is our first concern and priority. Whether it is for your home, office, restaurant kitchen or for your patio, Maple Mechanical’s licensed technicians perform pressure tests prior to firing up any appliance to avoid possible explosions. Our experts will work around the code restrictions on how close natural gas lines can come from other utility lines – both horizontally and vertically, locating other utilities to ensure proper clearance for your code area. Our oil to gas conversion services help to increase the heating efficiency and keep the environment safe, while saving you money.

If you are interested in natural gas line install, request a quote from Maple Mechanical now.

Natural Gas Line Service & Maintenance

Natural gas lines should be monitored regularly for gas leaks, pipe degradation and corrosion. Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas and, therefore, leaks can’t be detected until we add mercaptan, a rotten egg odor. Sometimes, a simple valve check might not be adequate. When it comes to your safety, Maple Mechanical technicians never compromise with their level of service. We conduct various tests to monitor the flow and pressure of the gas line, making sure that your gas pipes are safely and efficiently functioning. Our natural gas line maintenance services ensure that you avoid any troubles related to safety while you are cooking in your backyard.


Maple Mechanical offers fast and reliable emergency services, maintenance and repair in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). When you call Maple Mechanical during our regular business hours, you’ll speak with a customer care professional from our Burlington office.

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